martedì 1 agosto 2017

Go to Arese

We are at the "Centro" shopping center in Arese, a place to spend and become shop slaves and everything that offers this place, a walk is not enough, somehow, this mall invites us to buy and leave after hours Stuffed with stuffed bags; Surely the products are excellent, we are "common mortals" that let us "use" in a good way of course ... in company or alone, "The Center" will not disappoint you ...

.... we "at the center" we often and willingly let us "kidnap" from its shops, as usual the problem is parking but recently we discovered (and recommend) a huge parking area at the bottom At the mall (former Alfa Romeo), we find them and you will always find a place.

 Within this huge building we find really everything from dresses to ornamental plants and garden, from a bike shop to its infinite shops where you really eat everything, sushi, kfc (chicken) and many others.

We like the center very much and often we gladly spend the Sundays losing them between shops and  buying ALL practically ... to our wallets instead "the center" does not like it because every time they come out empty and drained 😂😂

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