martedì 16 maggio 2017

Inauguration of th DC9 to Volandia

Inauguration of the DC9 to Volandia
Dear friends on Saturday April 9 we woke up early, with a kiss to start the day, a regenerating shower, a light breakfast, red jersey and we were ready to attend one of the most anticipated openings of this period.

The beginning of this Dream
When we discovered that the Presidential DC9 could be destroyed, it was July and on Facebook unleashed a "war", Alitalia wanted to demolish this storical airplane, escorted around the world the President of the Italian Republic Sandro Pertini, he accompanied the Holy Father John Paul II in humanitarian missions, saved the lives of refugees, serious injuries etc ... "our" Volandia museum decided to save him and take him to Malpensa, in the museum, after a bit of tension ... MUSEUM WON!!! and around July started transportation to Rome, we were among the first to see him live, we "intercepted" on a hot summer afternoon in a roadside parking, two days after finally came to the museum, and month after month, piece after piece was reassembled everything!!!

Saturday, April 8th was finally cut the ribbon and is now open to all.
The inauguration was very nice and made us take a step back 35 years, there were the plane's pilots, the world champions of Spain 82 Claudio Gentile and Pietro Vierchowod, the President of the Regional Council Raffaele Cattaneo and ... the world cup!!!

After the inauguration, we had lunch with the DC9 pilots, great people, always ready for a photo.
A great party, go see the DC9 at Volandia.

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