venerdì 17 febbraio 2017

APR Pilots

Dear friends today we want to share our experience, we went back to "school".
Our passion for flying led us to return to the classroom and to browse through the books and deal with great friends of flying enthusiasts.

Every day they say you learn something new and it's true; and it's nice when you do something with your loved one.
We enrolled in a flight school and after much study, we obtained the certificate recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority as APR pilots (drones).

A great achievement!

We decided to do the school for several reasons, the first for flight passion and because we already possess drone, the second because there are job opportunities with the shooting although we aim on training, we would like to become instructors and third because the world of drones is growing day by day and we love technology and can be upgraded.

We did the course in Milano Droni Training Center
A school that we know well, very serious and reliable, here I am finishing my career as a balloon pilot; then a certified company ENAC as an operator for passenger transport with hot air balloons and as a flight school authorized to provide education for this particular type of aircraft.

2015 MILANO MONGOLFIERE has decided to make available its expertise in education to those who wish to become professional operators SAPR and is certified by ENAC (CA.APR 023) then as a training center for pilots of drones.
A team of professionals able to guarantee a comprehensive training and to help the neo operator even in the preparation of manuals necessary and required by current legislation on drones.

What is an APR?
Piloting an Aircraft in Remote commonly known as drone aircraft it is characterized by the absence of the human pilot on board. His flight is controlled by the computer on board the aircraft, under the remote control of a navigator or pilot, on the ground or in another vehicle.
The inclusion of aircraft-term stresses that, regardless of the position of the pilot and / or flight crew, operations must comply with the same rules and procedures of the aircraft with pilot and flight crew on board, and friends is not a joke drive these real PLANES.
In the market you will find many of Drones but we recommend that you attend a flight school to learn about the Civil Aviation Authority regulations and know where you can and where you can fly there in order to avoid sanctions salted, pay attention and use ALWAYS GOOD SENSE!

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