mercoledì 2 novembre 2016

Shrine of the Black Madonna in Migiandone

Dear friends, as we have already said in a previous article Sunday we were at the Wild Boar Festival in Migiandone.


We climbed on foot up to the Oropa Sanctuary Migiandone sanctuary that houses a painting of the Black Madonna.

This church perched on the mountains can be reached from below, from the village along a path nicknamed "the path of the Cross" in which a short distance from each other there are monuments depicting the passion of Christ, we reached the top you enter the Sanctuary , the construction work began in 1820 thanks to Gaspare Bessero, a gold digger has unfortunately lost his lodging in a mine asked for help to the Black Madonna of Oropa to find him,
if the Black Madonna helped sleepers he promised to build a shrine in her honor, miracle happened and rich Gaspare began work, today the shrine is very well preserved (sin instead for the frescoes of the Cross now all ruined by time and by ' neglect of our contemporaries)

The Sanctuary is still alive a legend because Mr. Gaspar hid part of his vein of gold in a safe place, only very few people trust confided to him where was the rest of Gold (thought behind or inside the statue) and he left also said that remaining bonanza would have remained hidden for a century and a hundred years later was to serve to cover the costs for the necessary restoration, at the stroke of the hundredth year was inspected the place where Gaspare hid l ' gold but the hideout turned out empty.
In a hundred years the whole relationship of Mr. Bessero were extinct due to illness and endless misfortunes and disasters, so the voices of the country soon recognized, in relatives of the prospector, the perpetrators of the theft and in their fate the just punishment that Providence had reserved for those greedy traitors ...

Take a tour to the Sanctuary also you :)

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