mercoledì 12 ottobre 2016


Event "dragon boat day" water safety was handled by the civil protection department SAR.

During the wait before entering the water, they appeared our "guardian angels" those who would have recovered if dropped in water, several dogs of different races are brought into play along with their instructors of civil protection, for all they have watched the race from their boats, although it was the first experience for us, we were sure to be in good "legs".
Our hard work has paid off for the race at the end, when in the last few meters to three beautiful dogs have jumped into the water and were transported to shore by showing us that "they are made" :).

The protagonists of this "dragon boat day" as well as disabled children were together with their instructors, because with their tenderness, professionalism, skill and courage have given us a fantastic day with confidence.

Thank Zeus and the whole team for their kindness as they arrived on the soaking they became available for petting, photos and cuddles.

He is proving that every hero has a tender heart.

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