mercoledì 5 ottobre 2016

Wild Boar Festival in Migiandone

Yesterday we were in Migiandone, a lovely place in the mountains, in the province of Verbania.
We have been involved for some friends and at the last moment also saw the beautiful day we decided to go with them, destination FESTIVAL OF THE BOAR 2016.

Fabulous day, we come to the 10 and they put a nice cup neck you can fill up as they walked the streets of the town with excellent artisan wine is the uniqueness of this festival is that almost all the products were based on wild boar, he began with the excellent sausage and then move on to a delicious polenta with wild boar stew and then continue with other local products such as the excellent jams, cheeses and cold meats (horse sausage, bacon etc ... ).


Between a laugh and the other walked more than seven hours of great views and nice and curious hobbyists who exhibited their wares strictly hand up to the small but beautiful sanctuary of Oropa with its special Black Madonna.

Whole families and people of all ages have been cheered by flag-waving, a raptor show and typical customs of the place, the whole country was involved in that day.

For us this Sunday ended at about 17 o'clock drinking the last coffee in one of the country inn were dead tired but happy to have participated as spectators to this beautiful and typical festival.

We advise you to visit and participate in these fairs where you can breathe the air is the culture of the past, where it was ALL UNITED and proudly exhibited the villagers products.


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