giovedì 6 ottobre 2016

We have become slaves to technology

We are young and we are almost obliged to have the new phone, latest model, with super app pussies and update them our social profiles.

Once it was cool when we went into town with the car washed or new shoes, now it feels cool and important relying on how many friends we have on Facebook or how many contacts we have on Twitter.
Do you want to make a game? turn to your city and count those who use mobile phones while they are with their partner / partner or friends, we have done this "game" and we can guarantee you that almost 80% of the population is "victim" of the technology, but eye! The technology used bad; because the technology is not our enemy or a bad thing indeed, it is because it allows us to use the email, take online courses, and even a degree program.

In short, the revolution that the Internet has caused in terms of social relations, both positive and negative, can not be ignored and extends like wildfire. But what really we reason on our virtual life? The first great merit of social networking is undoubtedly that of having facilitated communication: all you need is an Internet connection to talk in real time with people on the other side of the globe, thanks to webcam even see . We can keep in contact over time more easily and procure other in an even simpler, and in this vast network of virtual social networks the information travels at the speed of light and ideas circulate and are constantly change, even allowing for the dissemination of information " unofficial "that could not be disclosed otherwise; in this way almost any kind of information is accessible to anyone. Despite the merits to be paid to social networks, you must also talk about the problems they hide. There are many people who have managed to earn the much coveted fifteen minutes of popularity in the virtual marketplace, even at the cost of ridicolizzarsi or turn the spotlight on his private life; Instead it is important to protect their personal information to avoid problems.

Secondly, while promoting the development of virtual relationships, social networks lead many users to isolate themselves from the real social life since the online friendships are more manageable, a phenomenon that is increasingly being used, technology is a double-bladed knife, must knowing how to use it correctly, it can give a lot but it can also take away a lot.

Remember how our life was 15 years ago?

Imagine in 15 years time as it will be our lives?

In any case, use "Technology" in a positive way.

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