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Michael, music and dance

Michael,  music and dance
Astonished the world with his voice and with his choreography, the moonwalk ... say that Michael Jackson had the talent in the blood is an understatement, his works were something unique and different that we will never see again, in any other artist; I think that if someone loves what he does leaves its mark for so long and in so many people; Michael tried to change the world with his message of love and peace.
Bye Michael!

Michael during his solo career, he was able to experience a variety of musical styles. Initially inspired by the soul of Motown, then he cultivated other genres such as rhythm and blues, funk, dance, rock, new jack swing.
Thanks to his work as an adult broke many taboos in the music business and has in particular contributed to the spread of the black music at large public slices.
Unlike many other artists, Michael created his songs directly in the recording studio instead of writing them on paper.
His approach to more sound styles you can already see from his first album as an adult, Off the Wall, produced by Quincy Jones, that ranged from funk and pop album of Do not Stop 'Til You Get Enough, Workin' Day and Night and Get on the Floor, through soul, soft rock, jazz, rhythm and blues and ballads like She's Out of My Life and Girlfriend.
With the album Thriller, also produced by Jones, Michael basically devised musical insights of Off the Wall, the dance tracks, rock and funk - Baby Be Mine, Pretty Young Thing, Billie Jean, Wanna Be Startin 'Somethin - they were characterized by a greater interpretative strength, while pop songs and ballads - the Lady in My Life, Human Nature, the Girl is Mine - were lighter and more introspective.
In Billie Jean, Michael sang a fan who claimed to have had a child by him while in Wanna Be Startin 'Somethin' criticized the pressure from the media and gossip.
The song Beat It, dedicated to street violence, he was also one of the first crossover rock / pop to climb the charts, while the title track Thriller was dedicated to the supernatural, themes that would later characterized the songs of later times.
The song Beat It, dedicated to street violence, he was also one of the first crossover rock / pop to climb the charts, while the title track Thriller was dedicated to the supernatural, themes that would later characterized the songs of later times. In 1985, Jackson and Lionel Richie wrote the song together charity We Are the World, and since then the humanitarian issues were also at the center of his texts and his own artistic activity.
Bad, third and last album with Quincy Jones production, was revisited the musical discourse of Thriller, but with the most successful songs in the charts. In Dirty Diana, another song from the contaminated rock, Michael imagined to address a love "cursed", there was then the classic love ballad I Just Can not Stop Loving You, and Man in the Mirror took up the themes of selflessness and charity already present in the We Are the World; Smooth Criminal evoked even a fictional episode of abduction and murder in noir style, style already used by Jackson in the song Heartbreak Hotel Triumph album.

With Dangerous, released in 1991, Michael was able to capture larger slices of the public, with songs dedicated mostly to social issues. The first traces of the disc are songs impression new jack swing, including Jam and Remember the Time.
Why You Wanna Trip on Me comes to problems like world hunger, AIDS, poverty and drugs while Black Or White comes out against all forms of racism.
But there are also more daring songs like In the Closet, a song dedicated to love, desire, loneliness and private life, as the song Dangerous riaffrontava the love theme damn existing Dirty Diana.
Other tracks like Will You Be There, Heal the World, and Keep the Faith instead are closest to the gospel and are dedicated to the personal problems of the same Jackson Finally Gone Too Soon is a ballad dedicated to a friend of the singer, Ryan White, and serious condition of those suffering from AIDS. Dangerous album are clear of rap music and hip hop incursions, who knew more and more popularity.
History focuses on Michael's problems with the public and the press, is an album that contains a whirlwind of emotions, from passionate anger Scream to the vulnerability of Childhood.
With the pieces new jack swing-funk-rock Scream and Tabloid Junkie and the Ballad R & B You Are Not Alone, Michael criticizes injustice and isolation that his success has brought him and gets angry in particular with the media, as he had already done with the song Leave Me Alone; in the ballad Stranger in Moscow he speaks of media personality in which it was transformed; the song Earth Song is a real dramatic appeal for the planet.
Other tracks of note include Childhood, Little Susie and Smile.
Blood on the Dance Floor: History in the Mix was released in 1997, a collection which contains five previously unreleased tracks, Blood on the Dance Floor, Morphine, Superfly, Sister, Ghosts, Is It Scary and eight remixes. The most impressive display is the one that accompanies the Ghosts is a short film in which Michael challenge the company that he had labeled a monster and eccentric.
The kids in the film are capable of overcoming their appearances and labels much more quickly than adults who judge without knowing the truth. Invincible, produced with Rodney Jerkins, was published in 2001 and was the latest album released by the singer before he died; the disc contains songs like Soul Cry and The Lost Children, dance like You Rock My Worls, ballads Speechless, Break of Dawn and Butterflies, and the Unbreakable songs, 200 Watts, Heartbreaker and Invincible which mixes hip hop, pop and rap. Michael Jackson has repeatedly cited the artists who influenced him. Its greatest inspirer and the undisputed idol is James Brown.
BET Awards 2003, James Michael handed a lifetime achievement award, saying: "Who is the genius? What is a genius? A genius is the one who gives the inspiration, the man who changed. I could not refuse to deliver this award tonight, because no one has influenced me more than this man. Ever since I was a child of six years, he was the greatest entertainer of all! And still is! Therefore I am deeply honored to deliver this to James Brown BET Lifetime Achievement Award, no one deserves it more than this man. " Michael Jackson had perfect pitch. He could do the bass, baritone and tenor, but he wanted to make the content; He could drop to a low C with a vibrato, and then went back up to above the top Do Sol. It is extraordinary extension, more than 3 and a half octaves. Jackson was also a very good beatboxer. Michael has been known throughout his career for his own style of dance that has generated thousands of imitators. Some steps invented by Michael already date back to the period with the Jackson 5 in the local Gary, his hometown, and perfected later. Michael invented the dancing robot at age 15, in 1974, for the song Dancing Machine, made with his brothers, with whom he formed the Jackson 5. The intent was to provide the song of the movements they managed to involve more viewers. Robot is a style of dance often confused with popping - that has as characteristic the illusion and imitation of the rigid movements of the robot or mannequin. All the movements of the robot start and end with a step of locking, to give the impression of an engine starting or stops. The dancer holds a rigid posture throughout the exhibition period, provided that the most skilled dancers are able to relax muscles while maintaining the illusion of the drive movement of the robot. As a result of the close relationship between the robot, popping and locking, the Robot dancing is often confused with popping and liquid dancing in general. The Robot, basically refers to the imitation technique above that. As well as popping in general, the impact of Visico robot can be strengthened dancing in rhythm with the music. Unlike most other dances, the robot dance can also be accompanied a cappella emitting sounds similar to the electro-mechanical movements of the robot, noise often performed by Michael. Some moves, which later improved, the were taught by James Brown. In the early eighties he perfected a technique that allowed him to realize pirouettes fast on the heels through the use of centrifugal force from the arms. In 1983 he launched his movements on the toes of the feet and especially the dance step that would make him famous throughout the world: the moon walk presented at the show of Motown, the Billie Jean notes celebrating the 25 years. Many consider the artist as the inventor of the move, even if, as indeed he himself said Michael, it was inspired by a technique used by blacks guys from the ghetto street. The following year he realized the choreography of Thriller, inventing the step that mimics the movement of the zombies. Over the years he perfected increasingly moonwalk up to improve it in the Dangerous World Tour. During this time he invented the Sidewalk, which is a side step based on the same principle of the moonwalk reworked. Michael will perform the sidewalk along the moonwalk in different choreography. In the past, Michael, in the Victory Tour in 1984, including the notes of Billie Jean, had presented a merger between the two, creating a circular motion based on the same moonwalk. In 1988 he gave another proof of his talent as a choreographer and dancer with the Antigravity lean, or the famous Smooth Criminal video antigravity movement in which the singer is inclined at 60 ° forward. In the video he used the ropes, and to do everything in live performance used the modified shoes, which held the patent, which allowed a hook sticking out from underneath the stage to hook. The presence of hooks holds the dancer, but it is difficult to perform the movement for the fact that, to bring the body in balance, you need to have great strength in the muscles of the legs and back. In 1984 he showed the Skywalk, also said Airwalk, at a concert in Toronto during Human Nature. In this step, Michael gave the illusion of walking in the air, but used it only in limited occasions, such as in Working Day and Night in Bucharest in 1992, and Dangerous MTV Video Music Awards in 1995, where he also presented the Sidewalk .

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