lunedì 10 ottobre 2016


Friends There are items that I would never write, especially as these articles tell of massacres, massacres of innocent people, motivated only by malice and the human being amazed.
May 19 marks "the massacre of Brindisi" a very bad episode of crime,
here's the cronostoria:

Two explosive devices were detonated this morning at around 7:50 local front of the Institute for Social Services Vocational School "Francesca Laura Morvillo Falcone", in Via Galanti, in Brindisi. The budget is very serious: a sixteen year old student, Melissa Bassi, a native of Mesagne, is dead; her contemporary, Veronica Capodieci, it too of Mesagne, is in serious condition, while at least six other girls were injured.

It seems that the bombs, consisting of two gas cylinders, were placed inside two backpacks placed in front of a wall. The first evidence, according to which it would instead found in some bins for separate collection that are placed in front of the institute, have not subsequently confirmed.

Students were injured, eight in all, were immediately transferred to the Hospital "Perrino" Brindisi, where, around 9:30, one of them, who had burns in 90% of the body and that the blast had also lost an arm, was declared dead. Another girl has wounds all over his body and pours in desperate conditions, conditions that doctors have called, right now, as "very complicated", so much so that at around 11.30 the news had spread, beaten by various news agencies , and later denied, of his death.

The explosion, violent, felt almost throughout the city, caused serious damage to the building of the institute, located a few steps from the court. They went to pieces some windows. The school is attended mostly by girls, fashion students, tourism and social services. On the spot reached by the anti-mafia prosecutor in Bari, Cataldo Motta, while agents of Digos are conducting the necessary surveys: according to the first rumor, it seems that the trigger is activated by a remote control. All city schools were evacuated.

The mayor of Brindisi, Mimmo Consales, has openly brought up organized crime, which would not strike at random, but he wanted to intentionally knock an institute named after the magistrate Francesca Laura Morvillo, wife of Judge Giovanni Falcone, just days before the twentieth anniversary of the Massacre of Capaci, the mob attack in which both were killed. Just for this afternoon was scheduled to arrive in Brindisi of "caravan" anti-Mafia in memory of that tragic event. In this regard Alessandro Cobianchi, national coordinator of the caravan, said: "This device is placed in front of a school, which has a symbolic name, a symbolic day, behind a symbolic anniversary"
Sympathy was expressed by the world of politics. The secretary of the Democratic Party, Pierluigi Bersani, said: "We must react together to hit the infamous" while Francesco Storace said: "The Mafia kills and latita State. It is time to understand that we need a steady hand to lead the country and not of accounting technicians. "

These are the facts, there are no words to describe an act so stupid, this cronostoria I found it on the internet and I offer it as it is, I really am too angry and disgusted to add anything except hold me in an embrace virtual to everyone involved.

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