lunedì 17 ottobre 2016

"Malpensa my house"

"Malpensa her house"

Friends today I want to talk about a story so sad and mysterious, the story of little Em'ly, she who lives at T1 Malpensa.

If you ask for airport Emilietta know it all, a very kind lady, there will certainly find it impossible to live in Malpensa from 2005 (that's right, 11 years) and is still waiting for an improbable allowed to return to Mauritius, the visa was withdrawn for private reasons, sleeping on a marble bench, washes in the airport's bathrooms, the kitchen is the dining room with an electric stove.
 "I was expelled from Mauritius where they reside my two sons - he says - I can not be part of what I consider my country, so I settled here." Do not look for a house and even the help of a structure. Although he has relatives in Italy ready to help her she always says: "I want to stay here, to watch the planes taking off. I seem to be closer to my family"

Her story inspired the film "The Castle" film shot just inside the Malpensa airport.

If you switch to Malpensa send him a smile, a smile I will not deny of course and who knows .... maybe getting it to feel less alone for a moment.

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