venerdì 7 ottobre 2016

A plunge in history - Ali sul fiume

Saturday, April 16 and Sunday 17, we participated in a demonstration in Pavia to commemorate the 90th anniversary of S.IS.A. (Italian company Air Services) airline linking Turin with Trieste via aircraft seaplane.

A general public has "invaded" Pavia for the occurrence, at the end of the rowing races the most touching moment when the two seaplanes have splashed down in the river, jumped back almost 100 years occurred in front of the public eye, too bad that the famous seaplane base of Pavia is going into destruction, vandalism, neglect and disinterest are destroying a piece of aviation history and a piece of the city's history, I hope this event will shake the consciences of those who can do something to save the seaplane that in its time Pavia to make the beautiful city it is today.

One day an acquaintance of mine told me "you know Roberto, a nation that forgets its memory has no future" and that's what we are doing, we are all bent over the phone (always the latest model or we're not cool enough) to update the status Facebook or Twitter, we are taken to download the latest app to feel more cool, but do not realize that we no longer talk with our friends in 4 eyes, we do not notice that we are losing the most important thing, memory .... . the memory of who we are and where we come from, we are forgetting what our grandparents have done to make our lives better, we do not remember more than ever, our symbols.
It is said that the future is young people but only young people "curious" make a difference and change history.

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