giovedì 1 settembre 2016


A holiday is a time of well-deserved relaxation for everyone. At least once a year if you fail we will take a week for us and for our family in complete relaxation, turning off the phone and thinking of nothing.

We just returned from our first holiday and we followed these steps, (we want to share with you), to ensure that our holiday was perfect.

1. Do not expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours.
We advise you to avoid the hottest hours of being repaired or (shadow) because the risk of exposure to sunlight and heat stroke are very high.
Equip yourself with sunglasses and baseball cap and dive into the water several times.

2. Drink a lot.
Usually drink a lot of water especially during the warmer months, on vacation is a point even more important not to be underestimated because the risk of dehydration is increased.
Over the water can go cold drinks, ices, ice cream or mineral supplements only if you practice a sport, and do not forget the aloe drinks (which we have already spoken) because they are thirst quenching and refreshing.

3. Take a bath at least after 3 hours.
After a hearty lunch or not, you have to "rest" to digest, take a bath after 3 canonical hours decreases the risk of congestion.

4. Choose the "right" place to make holiday.
It seems trivial, but this advice is (perhaps) the most important, usually you choose to spend their holidays in a place that we already know, where we spent the holidays as children, or in a totally unfamiliar place.
We chose the first option and that is to spend our holiday in a place "Magic" Finale Ligure. At this location I spent 15 summers, so I feel linked in a special way, come back after 15 years was quite exciting, and review the city with its views, the church, the arch in the square Spain, the date with flowers, the medieval tower, the pier, the 2 bathrooms in which I enjoyed, that there were still hotels and Finalborgo.
The place must fully meet our expectations.

5. The company's "right" to a "just holiday."
Sure! The holiday company we will remember forever, relatives, or friends, if we can get along everything will go smoothly.

6. Hotel or house?
Here, too, it depends on the portfolio and what you want. We decided to stay in a very quiet hotel near the beach.

7. Machine, train or plane?
We chose to get to the destination by car first because Finale Ligure is near and because we wanted to be comfortable and free to move as we wanted, but to find free parking we arrived at 6 am ...

8. What if there bring our four-legged friend?
Our friends keep us company all winter and when we feel alone, and then it is not fair to give to them a moment of relaxation?
We recommend you bring your friends and are close forever.

9. How long should the perfect vacation?
a week? a month? 10 days?
often to "talk" here is the book :-)
time flies on vacation and time is never enough, our advice is to plan your vacation on even the fact that too much time at sea can often get bored, the right time according to us is 7/10 days right time to relax, get to know the place where we are, settle in and never get bored.

10. Making of fun activities.
We're finally on vacation and after a few days we realize that the "beach life" we get bored? Hotel - Beach, Beach - Hotel there stove? Not roviniamoci the holiday and not spend the days at sea between boredom and apathy.
Many beach resorts offer great fun play activities, from classic bowling tournament (will also be boring but at least we spend time in the company) to the various beach volleyball tournaments to classic pedal boats ....
All fun activities for not bored at sea and for entertaining and socializing.
We preferred to take us behind the masks and fins and swim and swim ...

These are our recommendations, and yours? ...

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