sabato 23 luglio 2016

What to do during a terrorist attack, useful tips

We are in the midst of a sad world where death has become the news everyday, almost as if there are getting used to this reality, unfortunately we are losing many brothers and sisters, and now suddenly have an attack at a shopping mall in Monaco of Bavaria ... we pray every day, but we are afraid and we are ready to react, that's why we share some tips to react if you were in the middle of a terrorist attack.

There are some handy tips to take if you find yourself at the scene of an attack.
The rules to be respected following the simple principles of the "run, hide, by the alarm."
It seems easy to say, not to be but the first thing is to try not to panic.

According to authorities anyone involved in a shooting should immediately identify the available escape routes, convincing even those who find themselves close to escape.

If the flight proves too dangerous, the best solution would be to find a good hiding place and not to pretend to be dead, to avoid being discovered and taken hostage.

Inside the cache, remember to remove the ring tone to any electronic device you are bringing with you, immediately contacting the authorities.

Once you are out of danger, look back around to realize if there is anyone who needs help and then look for the police. Soon as possible to leave the area, since it could take another attack.

Mails, phone calls, text messages and other means still are excellent ways to let people know the security forces where you are, where are precisely the bombers and whether or not there are the obstructs involved in the assault. Soon as possible to send a message to friends and family so they will not worry.

Civilians must keep your hands in sight and avoid sudden movements, not to be mistaken for attackers. They must also be willing to do what is required by the police without putting up any resistance and be ready to run away during the evacuation.

If there is an explosion must throw himself on the ground. If possible, find shelter behind something. You must be ready to move fast

Never deal with a terrorist
Do not touch other people's stuff and unknown objects, may contain an explosive device, or a device not yet exploded, particularly when it comes to bags, suitcases, backpacks. If you find these objects, do not touch them and immediately informed the law enforcement officers.
Try to memorize all the details that have caught your attention. The information will serve you later at the time of the investigation, so you can provide help in the investigation of the terrorist attack.

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