mercoledì 20 luglio 2016

The Oasis of Sant'Alessio in the province of Pavia

The Oasis
A true spectacle of nature, a few steps from Milan you can discover "a parallel world", a forest, an OASIS.
The animal that surprised us the most was the Eagle Owl, wonderful and disturbing prey.
Place really beautiful!
We were very glad we chose the Oasis to spend an afternoon.
We saw lots of animals and lots of plants.
The sympathy prize it won the Tucano, super friendly, it was close to us to be even photos seemed to put posing, beautiful, colorful ...

We who love animals and nature in general we felt like in "Paradise," the Oasis of St. Alexis offers a different atmosphere, which goes beyond what we can imagine.

The first emotion they have it donated two involved in the park that have flown some birds of prey, including an owl and an American owl, eagle owl has long excited us, it was the first time I saw one, and its grandeur and elegance is something fascinating and indescribable, not to mention the red-eye as the very mysterious fire.

Then the route runs in two distinct areas, the classic and tropical forest path, the first path you can admire animals that live on our continent and in the second part you will see exotic animals including snakes, toucans and other tropical birds and for the first time we had the honor of seeing well 2 sloths !!!
Eagle owl
The afternoon flew away despite it took us almost four hours to turn it around, the flora and fauna of this place is well maintained and is absolutely to recommend, you will enjoy it, even though we were in Sant'Alessio (PV) almost in the center, it seemed to being in another world.

As the last we're announcing the extreme friendliness and helpfulness of the staff at the park, at the end of our trip we stopped at the bar to get something refreshing and talked to a Falconiera who advised us and elucidated on our questions about how you handle a hawk,
in short, go go go and still go there for an afternoon immersed in the culture and in the nature unfortunately almost abandoned nowadays.

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