mercoledì 27 luglio 2016


Spending time with your partner
Friends we work every day and go home more tired, often to accumulate work-related stress and nervousness ..... always the same "routine" ...

What to do in the rare moments of free time?

Generally the free time is dedicated to yourself, sports, hobbies and various relaxation in a spa rather than at the spa are the most sought after destinations and sought after,
in our opinion the best way to spend your free time is to be with the person you love !!!

Stay with their partner in his free time helps a lot, help download the tensions at work, it helps us feel less alone and more understood ...

Spend time with an "accomplice" it makes everything more fun, and it's more romantic. Scheduling of the days and the things to do, and how we sometimes decide at the last moment. The time that we devote to us is definitely precious but devote time to your partner makes him doubly valuable.

And this is our first chore done together, a beautiful T-REX Revell, built following the then colored mounting kit following our imagination and creativity.

This work there is "cost" few hours of work and some small misunderstanding but also so much, so much fun, in fact, so many precious hours well spent with the person you love

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