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Michael Collins

Michael Collins
Rome October 31, 1930
It 'a former US astronaut who took part in the Gemini and Apollo programs.
Collins was born at 16 Via Tevere in Rome, since his father had at that time a military use of the US Embassy in Italy, following moves in various countries.

Trained at West Point military academy became a pilot and collected about 4,200 flying hours. He was selected by NASA as an astronaut in 1963.
In 1968 a herniated disc kept him from piloting the Apollo 8 capsule and put on perhaps his career astronaut, was considered the most experienced pilot and connoisseur of the Command Module and Service, but a surgery solved the problem.

So he could participate in the mission Apollo 11 in July of 1969, the first to bring the crew to the moon.
Collins was the pilot of the command module and service that orbited around the moon while Armstrong and Aldrin were on the lunar surface.

So Collins did not set foot on the moon but never according to this view points is not an issue, deeply admire the work of astronaut Collins.
Before the Apollo 11 mission in 1966, he flew on Gemini 10. In this mission, he and his partner Young biliarono the then record height never reached, 475 miles above the Earth. Collins also performed a spacewalk.

As with other members of the crew of Apollo 11, a small crater near the site dell'allunaggio bears his name.
He wrote a book "CARRYING THE FIRE".
And 'present in the Hollywood walk of fame.

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