venerdì 22 luglio 2016

Buzz Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin
Montclair January 20, 1930
It 'a US astronaut, best known for being the second man to have walked on the moon as part of the Apollo 11 mission.

Who trained at the military academy at West Point, graduating in 1951 in mechanical engineering, Aldrin took part in 66 combat missions in the Korean War, before joining the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he earned a doctorate in astronautics. He was selected in 1963 in the third group of astronauts chosen by the American space. Its old nickname, Buzz, was then officially legalized in 1988 as his first name.

In 1963 he was selected by NASA in a shortlist of potential astronauts for the mission Gemini 9. After the death in a plane crash in the training phase, the crew of the mission that Buzz had been discarded, is selected as a reserve for the next mission Gemina 9A.

For the excellent work done during the 9A Buzz it is reconfirmed pilot for the last part of the Gemini 12 mission project.

After the departure of NASA he continued to promote space exploration and produced a strategic computer game called Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space in 92.

It is then selected with Neil and Michael to be part of the historic Apollo 11 mission, the first moon landing, which provided a carrying human beings.

We follow very dear Buzz about the different social, we like his way of relating to us fans, thanks Buzz because you made the story of all of us fans.

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