martedì 19 luglio 2016


Shameful behavior
We all know that the neighborhood of Milan 2 is one of the most affluent areas of the Milan hinterland. I pass the time because I love reading sitting on a bench and a pond of Milan 2 gives me the right atmosphere to relax.

I see all the time episodes of little education, I saw the other day a baby sitter who was playing with two children and a woman who approached to make the jokes to the children, the nanny who is a foreign girl has not spoken to them , and he has not even greeted.

All the time I see children in strollers pushed by their nanny but the people who know the families greet only children but never the babysitter (like transparent).

All the time I see a supermarket cashier who does not respond to the greeting of foreign persons as if they were worthy of a salute.

For me, in my small and very modestly ... CONDUCT SHAME by some people towards foreign workers.

I shot a lot of the world, and I never heard a foreigner, I always felt one of them abroad because they judge you not by nationality, or the color of their skin or the religion but for what who you are and for what what are you doing.


Why can not we all be equal?

I met very important people that are simple both in the way of behaving, both in the way of dressing, almost of "homeless" if they had been in the place of those babysitters are convinced that they would receive worse treatment.

I spoke with some curiosity foreign baby sitter and I discovered that they have studied, who have a college degree, which carry out other work, that have families, who have interests, etc. normal people no more and no less than the people staying in a neighborhood of vip, what it does to a person is not money that the current account but what is in everyday life.

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